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    Export Grants (EMDG)

    The Export Market Development Grant ( EMDG) is a Government program that provides organisations with substantial cash rebates for overseas marketing expenditure. The scheme is designed as an incentive to encourage Australian exporters to develop overseas markets for their goods and/or services (including tourism and education).

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    Research & Development Tax Incentive

    Export Finance Assistance Consultancy Services provides a one stop shop for Individual Companies, Government Agencies and Industry Bodies seeking to captialise on business opportunities that exist at international trade fairs and events. We act as a single source provider and are connected with experienced partners to provide a turn key solution.

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    Latest Export News

    Demand from overseas markets is poor at the moment but Exporters need to stay in those markets and continue to find new ones. It takes time and money and our focus is to make sure our clients are getting the best return for their investments in the international market place via EMDG. This is our value proposition to our clients.

We help Australian companies get Grants

  • Discover suitable Government Grants for your business
  • Qualify for Grant criteria and save time on grant writing
  • Increase your chances of winning multiple Government Grants
  • Maximise your returns on Government Grants
  • Grow your business strategically using Government Grant money

    What is EMDG?

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    The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG scheme is a key Australian Government Financial assistance program for...


    Who can apply?

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    Any Australian individual, partnership, company, association, co-operative, statutory corporation or trust that has carried on...


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    We can assist you to complete your EMDG application, fast track your claim, maximise your results and offer strategic advice for export...


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    Contact Export Finance Assistance Consultancy Services. We provide strategic advice on how to maximise and set up efficient frameworks..

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